5 Reasons to Take a Walking Tour with Us


5 Reasons to Take a Walking Tour with us

Island fever? New in town? Or perhaps you have been living here for a while yet you feel you are missing the city’s heart and pulse. Or just thinking of how to spend your SingapoRediscovers (SRV) voucher? We got you. Our walks are the perfect activity to do – here’s why.


1) It’s not the typical tour

We always disliked the idea of being led around by someone holding the flag or umbrella or scripted, one-size fits all itineraries. Or the typical tourist guide platter of facts and figures or stories that you pull out from Google. Instead, it is about having a local insider to help you understand a neighbourhood in a way that is much more personal.

Chinatown walking tour

2) It’s a conversation

Our tours are not for everyone. We never wanted to do things like everyone else is doing. We started this project because we wanted to do something differently. Our tours are led by professionals who will help you get an informed perspective, not a script. Think of it as something that you might experience when a friend-of-a-friend decides to show you around the city. See thing through our eyes, things that we like in a genuine, funny and relaxed way.  

Singapore Public Housing Walking Tour

3) It’s an adventure

We are here to help bring Singapore to life for you. Singapore’s image of a hyper globalized city of modern skyscrapers is deceptive. The “big attractions” that you can easily find in the guidebooks and the internet, we think you are in good hands with the excellent infrastructure of the city. Once you know where to look, it peels away to another world, one where traditional beliefs and customs are practised. Think of this tour as getting the keys to the other, less visible city and immersing in the life of real Singapore.


4) Meet the locals

We want to show you a different side of Singapore. See where Singaporeans work and live. Take a few turns to experience the unexpected. Get lost in the backstreets. Immerse yourself in the life of real Singapore.  Feel the heartbeat of the city and get the real deal on the good and the bad.

Singapore Public Housing walking tour

5) Support small businesses

More important than ever, supporting small businesses is the thing to do and it is crucial to help the ones that need the most. We are committed to supporting our heritage by working with local artisans and small businesses that have Singapore in their DNA.


Sounds like something you would enjoy? Start with and check out our Signature Everyday Street Food and Street Art Tour (yes, it is SRV redeemable!) , and get one step closer to understanding Singapore just a little differently.


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