P.S. (Chief Everything Officer)

Hi I'm P.S! I'm a native Singaporean and a world citizen at heart. I'm also ETC's Chief Everything Officer (CEO). Born and raised in this city and after calling 6 cities around the world "home", I'm drawn back to my origins to soak up the incredible culture and energy of the city. I'm also the ultimate foodie and as a chef by training (At-Sunrice Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu), some of my favourite activities to do while travelling is to check out the local markets and street eats. When I am not eating, I am also a volunteer docent at one of the local art museums in the city.

Why ETC?

As an enthusiast of architecture, my time abroad gave me the opportunity to come up close with some spectacular skylines around the world. This made me very curious about Singapore. I soon realised that there were some incredibly unique stories (e.g. Singapore’s social housing program) to tell. My childhood was spent in one of the Singapore oldest public housing estate in Tiong Bahru, now one of the coolest neighbourhood in the city!

My love of meeting people led me to start this walking tours company to share the hidden stories, make conversation and to showcase the artisanal, handpicked food gems of the neighbourhood. Since I started this, I had the opportunity to walk with architects, urban planners, academics and people who are interested in the architecture and stories of the city. Singapore fascinates me, let me show you why!

What we do

We skip the “attractions” and take you to a hidden Singapore that might otherwise take you months or years to understand. We share with you the things we learned and discovered through the many years of living in Singapore. We know the city at the back of our hands and will indulge your curiosity for whatever question you might have – society, culture, food, arts, history, politics. More importantly, we do what we do because we love our city and get a real kick out of sharing with people. That’s the whole game plan, really, to show you things and places that you wouldn’t have found on your own!


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