5 Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting Hawker Centres

You did your foodie research and you have a checklist of food that you will try during your trip to Singapore. Visiting a Hawker Centre for the first time can be intimidating – it’s a sensory overload of sights, smells and food that you might have not seen before. This infographic will ensure you get the most out of your Hawker Centre visit and navigate the street food stalls to eat like a local. Feel free to share this with your family and friends who are visiting Singapore!

What are hawker centres?

Hawker centres are communal dining halls where you can find a wide variety of local dishes under one roof. The origins of the hawker centres can be traced to early immigrants will ply the streets to “hawk” 1-2 specialty dishes. In 1965, one of the tasks of the newly independent nation was infrastructure development. The government resettled street hawkers to purpose-built hawker centres with proper sanitation and amenities. Not just food trucks without wheels, they are also social spaces where people of all walks of life bond over their favourite food. All in all, serving the community with deliciousness!

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