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We brought our public housing tour online! This tour is a virtual edition of our “Everyday Secrets of Singapore Public Housing Tour”. In this virtual tour, we will virtually visit 3 different social housing neighbourhoods of Singapore to explore, learn and meet people of the community. These neighbourhoods are distinct and showcase a different time-period of Singapore’s development. Along the way, we will also visit social spaces like the school, market, hawker centre and playground to examine how these places are used as natural gathering places and points of community interactions. There would also be opportunities to visit some of the small businesses of the community. Through the use of maps, photos and videos, we will see how the majority of the people live in Singapore and how social housing is used as a policy tool to enhance multiculturalism. We have done this virtual tour for conferences, corporate groups and for school learning journeys. Contact us to customise this tour and tailor the theme to your needs!

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