Singapore Game Tour

Sight-seeing adventure at your own pace - The Hunt for Yamashita's Gold


Tour starts at Fullerton Square


Tours run on request and at your own pace.




-Treasure book -Everything you need to solve the clues -Game Master

Group Size

Minimum 10 people to start

Price (SGD)

50 / person

Take it Private : Contact us to schedule

Looking for something fun to do in Singapore?

Discover Singapore on our private outdoor sightseeing game tour in which you will embark to find the lost treasure of World War II, while taking in the sights of the most beautiful parts of the city centre in Singapore. Experience the city differently and explore what Singapore has to offer in a unique and fun way! Suited for everyone - as a school activity, group/ company team activity, family and friends fun or for adventurous travellers.

The mission

It is August 1945, and almost the end of World War II in the Pacific. A greatly feared Japanese general, General Yamashita, is rumoured to have left a war loot belonging to the Imperial Japanese forces in Singapore. Your mission is to retrace the footsteps of General Yamashita during the last days of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. With the help of his journal, you will follow the clues to solve the mystery of the lost treasure.

Jump into action

Meet up with your game master in a secret location to receive your game book. Navigate and explore through the city at your own pace, check out some secret locations and see its wonders. At each station, you will look for clues that would help you in unravelling the mystery at the end.

Landmarks on the adventure route

Fullerton Hotel
Cavenagh Bridge
Former Supreme Court
St Andrews Cathedral
Old Hill Street Police Station
Victoria Theatre
City Hall
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