Singapore Market + Street Food Tour

Market + Street Food Tour

Discover the fresh produce, aromatic spices, and exotic ingredients at a Singaporean market.


Geylang Serai


2 hours


1 km


5-6 street food and drink tastings

Group Size

From 1 person onwards

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Wet markets are a melting pot of various cultures and identities. It is here where Singapore’s ethnically diverse population interact and bond in a hum of voices in various languages and dialects.
The first half of this guided tour will have you starting your day at a bustling wet market, where vibrant stalls brim with fresh produce, aromatic spices, and exotic ingredients, offering a sensory feast. Navigate through the lively alleys where you’ll find a Malay stall selling mutton next to a Chinese stall selling vegetables and fish, or an Indian stall selling spices and condiments. The market retains a communal feel of a bustling little enclave where stallholders and residents alike recognise and care for one another. More than just experiencing the vibe of the market, our guide will introduce you to the various common local produce and how to identify freshness and quality. 
After this crash course in the flavours of Southeast Asia, we head to a local market (hawker center), the quintessential Singaporean dining experience for a light brunch. This is where you can savor an array of street food, all while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. This tour is a delicious adventure, celebrating Singapore’s diverse and dynamic food scene.
Lidia And Yonas AvatarLidia And Yonas
This was the highlight of visit to Singapore. The tour with PS was amazing!, we are very happy that we did this next after our arrival. Because it set the tone for the rest of our stay: we knew enough to go back and try different things after the tour. It also gave us an insight of what it is like to live in Singapore by visiting places that we would probably have visited and by trying food that we might have never tried. We learned a lot about Singapore, if the past, the present, and the future. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Singapore for the first time. Whether you’re a foodie or simply curious, the tour is an unforgettable gastronomic adventure in Singapore! 🍽️ - 28 Jun 2024 
John AvatarJohn
Perfect tour mix of history, culture, art and of course food! Kelvin was awesome with amazing knowledge of the city, districts and cultural relevance. Food was fantastic at the 2 Hawker locations. You won't go home hungry. The Pandan cake was the best! - 14 Jun 2024 
Keegan AvatarKeegan
Amazing experience. Got to try ~12 different dishes that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to try. Kelvin was great and super knowledgeable about Singaporean culture/history and the food - 14 Jun 2024 
Genevieve AvatarGenevieve
This tour was the best thing I did in Singapore! P is such an engaging tour guide and really knows the city and the best places to go. We had great conversation, and the tour was flexible to allow for spontaneous changes- we ended up staying in Chinatown to watch a dragon dance for a festival that was happening over the weekend. I had such an amazing time and felt like I got a personalized tour of the city. Highly recommend! - 07 Jun 2024 
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