Singapore Design Tours

See Singapore through the lens of design! From colonial architecture to contemporary social housing, the cityscape is an eclectic mix of old and new. Our private walking tours of Singapore offer curated architecture experiences of Singapore, exploring landmarks from the urban built environment to public art, all to share new ways to think and see Singapore.

Singapore Design Tours

Public Housing Tour

See Singapore through the lens of housing. In this tour, we will visit three different types of public housing (HDB) estates in Singapore and learn the role it plays in SIngapore’s secret to multiculturalism.
Singapore Design Tours

Art-chitecture Tour

Uncover the art and architecture of Singapore, and explore the city through the lens of shophouses, public housing (HDB) estates, and modern sustainable buildings. Take a glimpse into Singapore's vibrant past and future.
Singapore Design Tours

Art Deco Tour

Tiong Bahru is one of the city’s most intriguing district - from its working-class origins, to being Vogue's coolest neighbourhood in the world, this is a showcase of its enduring architectural charm.
Singapore Design Tours

Shophouse Tour

Embark on a journey through Singapore's architectural heritage with a captivating exploration of the iconic shophouses, serving as a visual testament to the city-state's rich multicultural history.
Singapore Design Tours

Jewel Changi Airport Tour

Marvel at the architectural highlights of Jewel Changi Airport, a breathtaking fusion of nature and innovation, and experience how it pushes the boundaries and redefines the airport experience.
Singapore Design Tours

Singapore Architecture 101 After Dark Boat Ride

On this in-depth, expert architectural based river boat tour, hear how Singapore grew from a British trading port settlement to the major metropolis it is today, through the stories of the surrounding area.
Singapore Design Tours

Unexpected Singapore Photography Walk

Together with a professional documentary photographer, uncover the secrets of public housing (HDB) estates, street art, heritage shophouses and old railway stations. An authentic snapshot of Singaporean culture!
Singapore Design Tours

Sketch and the City Tour

Capture Singapore from a different perspective as you fill the pages of your sketchbook with the neighbourhood’s vibrant streetscapes, breathtaking architecture and beautiful facades.
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