Shophouse Tour

Exploring architecture in Singapore


Blair Plain / Emerald Hill / Joo Chiat


2-3 hours


2 KM


Local snack

Group Size

From 1 person onwards

Price (SGD)

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Look beyond the facade of a city of modern skyscrapers and get up close and personal with traditional architecture

The Singapore shophouse is an architectural gem – beautifully preserved buildings that are unique to the island. We trace the origins and development of the Singapore shophouse. Understand the significance and how they were influenced by the various architectural movements happening throughout the world. As we make our way through the Blair Plain conservation neighbourhood, we will then look at the individual features of the shophouse and see how it has blended traditional Chinese architectural elements with Western architectural influences and Malay decorative elements. We examine the various incarnations of the shophouse both past and present and how they provide context and character to the city’s eclectic built environment. This tour highlights what makes shophouses special, and how these shophouses are a canvas into the multicultural influences of the city. Optional: It is possible to do a shophouse visit, subject to availability. Advance arrangements required.

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